Midweek Maven Specialist




OK so youre a classic or skating specialist

and you don’t want rent some of our FINE Adopt an Athlete equipment

Skiis link here:

or SALOMON boots link here:

Specify please Tuesdays Skating only above -15c

or Thursdays Classic only

Midweek mid afternoon Mavens. Normally Tuesdays Thursdays 1:45 to 3Pm alitlle earlier on Thursdays. Likely skating if above -15C below we’ll switch to classic on Tuesdays and Thursdays classic.

Participants will receive an email invite for the season via google calendar. IF there is a technique change I will text you the day of.

OK FAMOUS last words we’ll be skiing at Confederation Golf course Mid December – end February.. So in 2017 I WAS WRONG please do quote me often!!! We have been rock skiing since November 6.17

Nice pic LLouise Loppet Mar 6, 2016 toute la gang Hat Confusion.

Sooo need a CNTG 2017 V7.0 STYLING Cat in the Hat Stripes YELLOW LYCRA Toque $35 small, medium or large link here: