ZZZZ Dryland Ski Conditioning Sep-Nov 2 sessions/week


12 week Dryland Ski Conditioning Mid Sep-Nov 2 sessions/week

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12 Week Dryland Ski Conditioning Mid Sep- end Nov 2 session/week 90 minutes 6:30-8:00PM T/Thu M 7:30-8:30PM Sat/Sun TBA.

So 12 weeks for a training effect, specificity of training means whole body activity specific to cross country skiing hence September is skipole month – don’t leave home without them 3-4X/week. IF you really want to ski injury free November Double Days [Classic AM and Skate PM] in LLouise and be ready for the first events of the season in December.

Yes, it is possible to train with the Calgary Nordic Training Group 4, 5, 6 up to 7 sessions/week. You can train on your own to make up for missed sessions with the Nordic Training Group

We strongly reccomend Logbooks, Wrist Chronometers – eg. Timex Triathlon and a simple Polar Heart Rate Monitor. That and a $10 pair of Rock Skiing quality skiis with a $60 binding. When it snows we ski it!

NEW for 2018-19 season Extra Monday night technique focus Rollerskiing & Tuesday/Thursday Midafternoon Skiwalking and Calisthenics.

Mondays: Rollerskiing we will focus in on your technique to hone it to a fine pitch.

Tuesdays: Bootcamp for XC skiers! You gasp shock HORROR have NOT used a ski pole since last season or before, Bootcamp body weight activities and some gentle running, skiwalking – ski striding up hill.

Thursdays: Rollerskiing – classic skate skiing – all will get you ready to ski injury free.

Saturdays: In Town Double Days skiwalking then rollerskiing or in the Mountains

Sundays: AM Rollerskiing around the ‘cowtown PM Skiwalking usually Nosehill Park, North Fish Creek Park or Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.

*1X/Week $199 pick 1 of M/T/Th/S/Sun
*2X/Week $259 pick 2 of M/T/Th/S/Sun
*3X/week $435 pick 3 of M/T/Th/S/Sun [includes CNTG ONE of a KIND Ski Jersey & Lycra Toque]
*4X+/week $489 pick all of M/T/Th/S/Sun [includes CNTG ONE of a KIND Ski Jersey & Lycra Toque]

*You need to be a Single Adult, or Family member of the Calgary Nordic Training Group to cover you insurance fees.

Winter on snow training early December to Mid March M/T/W/Th available.