George I’ve just heard about the Nordic Training Group and I’m not sure which session is right for me I’d like to try XC skiing this year. Which is best for me?

I would strongly recommend Tuesdays and Thursdays as an entry point with some classic skiis and a pair of Salomon system Combi boots [classic and skating] and bindings.

George what do I need to budget for?

Canada Olympic Park passes are the skiers responsibility.

AB Cup are usually 2 events/weekend about $40-60 similar to ONE running race in cost – 1 away weekend [Edmonton ;-> in Jan ] 1 ABCup in Canmore 1 ABCup at Mt Shark aka Home races – merely a daytrip you sleep in your own bed ;->!

Happy feet Happy skiing! You would break the bank on a pair of Combi Salomon system boots and bindings if you decide that XC skiing is not for you – your turnover is about 90% of retail price for a resale..

Ski Gear – I would recommend a good classic ski in your first year and a Rockski quality skating ski, plus armpit height classic ski poles & longer chin height skating poles…

Ski Gear 2 – Classic ski length out stretched arm over head – measure at the wrist 5-10cm shorter, Skating ski length head height + 5-10cm

Ski Gear 3 – Use your Rock skiis for skating/2nd warmup ski for events.

George I’m a shift worker/out of town on business? what do you recommend.

We say this to all shift/frequently out of town workers signup for two sessions.. so one week you come for 3 sessions the next week 1.. It all evens out in the end.

Double Day workouts: Four Reasons.

To duplicate the fatigue level of skiing 2 ABCup events back to back.. Better to know what it feels like and how much you need to rest and recovery and take care of yourself in November/December so it’s not a shock to the system.

Technique, Technique, Efficiency, Economy of Motion – Oh did I mention Technique and finally.

If you travelled 4 hours – would you really only train 1-2hr?

To maintain your Aerobic Fitness over a LONG event season in January/Feb/March!

Cancellation numbers for your personal safety: 403-299-7878 5Pm for 7Pm starts at COP, -22Ccalm or -20C&21+kphwind… NO we do not do windchill factors.. Dress for success.

Thoughts on goal setting.

Failing to plan is planning to fail… Do you have a plan?

Outcome – we plan in advance for where we want to be.. OK so your first challenge is to find out all you can/enter the events. Is there a Deadline!

Have you entered on www.zone4.ca?

Have you told your coach what distance-dates you have entered?

Have you thought through how you want approach the next 4 crucial weekend days?

Have you thought about a Skating/Classic tuneup – do you really need to go all the way out of town for this?

Do you have a pre race plan?

Do you know what your are doing the night before the night before?

Do you have a race day routine?

Do you have a warmup/cooldown planned out?

Do you know what you will be doing the night between on 2 race weekends?

How will this affect your sleeping/eating/hydration efforts?

Will you be asking yourself – did I really do my best?

Did I think the event through before I got into it?

With an outcome goal – we can plan backwards from there.

Process Goals – how do I get there from now, what do I have to do weekly, monthly? Do I need to do Mental Training over Competition period?

Yes you do, Segmentation eg. starts you do them a bajillion times; is your friend. some athletes told me they were out for a ski and were easily able to Segment the 24km Cookie Race – OK, the Canmore ABCup courses are more important but we all have to take that first step ;->.. Yes you do Pre & Post Race Planning it is essential. wouldn’t want to get sick in between Sat and Sun would we?..

Do you know about the 5 of 8 rule for ABCup events? Now changed to 4 of 6 events. With only 4 events left everyone will count.. There WILL be many more competitors and a significantly higher level of competition at Canmore events. Are you prepared for this?

Do you understand Participation Points? Did you know your participation in each ABCup assists the CNTG towards our Team Goals of more ABCup Participation Points [PP], a top 5 club ranking and MOST Improved Ski Club.