Adopt an athlete

Adopt an Athlete

Help a youth get into this great sport buy supporting the CNTG Adopt an Athlete program.
The Adopt an Athlete program provides support to youth & families who are challenged with the costs of starting up with cross country skiing.

You can donate your time – take a youth skiing 1X/month.
You can donate your equipment – we are especially looking for Salomon system gently used boots and bindings.

Help us out please.

Adopt an Athlete Equipment Pool:

Our first priority is the U19 Junior Racing or Leadership Development 16-18y.o and Challenge Group Train to Train 14-15y.o… Our second priority are the Learn to Train 10-13y.o and finally Double Jackrabbit 7-9y.o skiers.. We have a few adult sized classic skis only.

We only use SALOMON Profil or Pilot binding compatible ski boots and bindings.

We currently have 7 pairs of skating and 5 pairs of classic rollerskis, approx 8 pair classic, 14 pair skating skis plus limited sizes of boots/rollerblades to rent. Because the Challenge Group trains twice a week skating on Mondays and Wednesdays classic – we certainly don’t expect parents to rush out and buy two new pairs of skis. Plus we don’t know if a new athlete will show an aptitude for skiing right away.

That said we have the Adopt an Athlete equipment pool where we can rent to athletes for $75 one pair of skating rollerskis, and $75 a second pair of classic rollerskiis for U19 with Salomon compatible binding system for the season up to November 1 plus a $275 deposit cheque/pair of rollerskis.

We also have classic or skating skis with Salomon compatible binding system for the season up to April 1; rental $75 plus a $250 deposit cheque.

We have limited sizes in Rollerblades which we can rent out for $35 to athletes – we recommend these for Learn to Train 10-13y.o. athletes only and for $50 some limited sizes in Salomon compatible binding system ski boots plus a $100 deposit cheque.

We strongly recommend investing in the best pair of waxable classic skis with SALOMON compatible bindings that FIT the athlete! Salomon compatible ‘Combi [combination boots used for both skating and classic skiing] boots and shoulder plus to just below the chin height ski poles can be used for both Classic and Skating. Any younger siblings will inherit those well waxed classic skis. Or better yet you can donate any old skis you have to our Adopt an Athlete program and we can get them to a needy athlete.