A new nordic ski club for calgary with a new vision

We have formed a Nordic Ski Club for Calgary with a new vision. Our vision is family participation in organized ski events. The focus is on setting personal goals and achieving them. We want our members to find suitable levels of competition, while at the same time allowing them to aspire to the highest levels. The goal is for each of our members to succeed at their chosen level through the support of the coaches and other members. Head Coach and Club Founder George D. Smith welcomes all newcomers to develop from pulk to podium, Family to Age Group skiing for all. As an event focused ski club. This year our special focus is the Cross Country Alberta, Alberta Cup circuit. All you Masters skiers don’t despair there are plenty of Loppets on the calendar for 2018-19 and Canmore 2020 World Masters Cup is coming.

We are so new it’s our 10th Anniversary season 2018-2019. Fairweather Bikers are starting soon in Mid April till Dryland with our special commemorative 10th Anniversary V1.0 Cycling Jersey in OBNOXIOUS Biker Yellow Lycra will soon be available also for Summer Rollerskiing.